Figure Skating Programs for Teens and Adults


The Gloucester Skating Club’s Active for Life/RecFigure Program is designed to provide our teen and adult members a fun, safe, supportive and cooperative environment to develop their skating skills through personal achievement. Our professional coaching staff promotes learning through technical development in a positive, group environment. We welcome new participants at any level, from Learn-to-Skate to figure skating. GSC’s Active for Life/RecFigure Program is entirely focused on providing opportunity for lifelong participation in skating and encouraging the development of motor and fundamental movement skills and confidence in their skating abilities.

Active for Life

Whether you’ve never skated before or would like to improve your basic skating skills, GSC’s Active for Life Program is for you! Skaters develop and acquire their skating skills in a group lesson format, which promotes good health and wellness while in a physical and social setting. Our coaching staff will teach our skaters skills such as skating forward & backward, stopping and gliding to more complex skills like forward and backward crosscuts, turning and edge development. Progression is based on individual needs, understanding, safety and abilities. New skaters or skaters developing their basic skills are required to wear a CSA approved hockey helmet.



GSC’s RecFigure Program promotes the development of figure skating skills in a group lesson format, incorporating physical literacy and individual skill acquisition. Our coaches provide technical information to our participants to promote learning and improvement of figure skating skills. Skaters also have the option of participating in Skate Canada skill assessments and/or competitions.

Private lessons with GSC Club Coaches are available upon request for an additional fee and are based on coach availability. Please contact our club office for additional information.

The Active for Life and RecFigure programs fall under the Learn-to-Skate umbrella in GSC’s programming. You will often find CanSkate, Active for Life, and RecFigure information together. Click the link below to find more information about schedules and fees.

The Gloucester Skating Club is proud to provide all our members the opportunity to learn to skate in a fun, safe and engaging environment that develops self-confidence in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.