Reminder: Enrichment Off-Ice Registration Deadline

Reminder: Enrichment Off-Ice Registration Deadline

Please note that the last day to register for all enrichment off-ice classes is Monday, June 25th.

The 2018 summer off-ice enrichment classes include:

Wednesdays: COMPETITIVE from 9am to 10am*
Thursdays: GOLD / PRE-COMP from 5:30pm to 6:30pm*
Fridays: COMPETITIVE from 8:30am to 9:30am*

*NOTE: a MINIMUM of 7 registrants are required to run each class!

The enrichment classes will include Cardio/Aerobic training to assist with overall fitness as well as mobility (dynamic stretching and light myo-fasical release) 

Why the classes are important to attend?

  • This training complements the other off-ice classes scheduled for the summer. 
  • This type of training is essential to a well rounded off-ice program. 
  • These classes are designed to assist with warm-up, as well as recovery of our skaters; athletes need light aerobic activity to help their bodies recover from intense training.

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