Fitness Assessments Schedule - March 24, 2019

Fitness Assessments Schedule - March 24, 2019

GSC fitness assessments for all levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold/Pre-Comp, and Comp) will take place on Sunday, March 24th, 2019 - Schedule below:


Details about the Assessment:

Why: For first time fitness assessment participants, these assessments will provide a baseline to compare with future results. For those skaters who have participated in the past, these test results will show improvements since the last test and/or further areas for improvement. The overall aim of these tests is to support optimal athletic development and performance. The results of these tests will be collected, privately distributed to each individualʼs coach, and securely stored for future personal comparison. The Fitness Assessment data will also be used to better inform GSC off-ice and off-ice programming. The following key areas will be accessed with a variety of exercises:

  • Maximal leg power

  • Upper body strength endurance

  • Acceleration and speed

  • Agility & coordination

  • Aerobic Capacity

  • Balance & proprioception

We hope to have all STARskate and COMPskate involvement for overall enhancement of skaters off-ice program and long-term development here at the Gloucester Skating Club.

Cost: FREE to all skaters currently participating in Gloucester Skating Club STAR/COMP Skate programs.