A Day with Patrick Chan

A Day with Patrick Chan

Mila and Patrick Chan.png

April 29, 2019 is a day that I will never forget. I met Patrick Chan and was able to hear his great words of wisdom in person thanks to the Gloucester Skating Club. I was honoured to be present at the ceremony for Mr. Patrick Chan as he received the Key to the City of Ottawa from Mayor Jim Watson.

I was so excited to be part of this special day with my hero and one of my favourite figure skaters.

The ceremony started with the Honour Guard that greeted Patrick Chan in the Ottawa City Hall’s ceremony room. We then heard from Elder Claudette Commanda who gave Patrick and his family an indigenous blessing. Ms. Debra Armstrong, who is the CEO of Skate Canada, also spoke of Patrick's love of the sport and his dedication to the figure skating world. Mr. Michael Slipchuk of Skate Canada also provided us with kind words and shared some personal stories of his relationship with Patrick. It was obvious from the speakers that Patrick has made a huge impact in the world of figure skating and that he will continue to do so!

The best part of the day was when Patrick spoke to us about his journey as a figure skater. It is clear that he was a hard working athlete who is very passionate about his sport. I was touched by his kind words to his parents and his recognition that the sport is not all about winning medals. He made me realize that the love of the sport is bigger than how many medals you win. As his dad told him, it is most important to give your 100%, and all your hard work will be rewarded.

Je me compte chanceuse de faire partie du club de patinage Gloucester Skating Club. Sans eux je n'aurais pas pu partager cette expérience avec vous. Je ne voulais garder cette expérience qu'à moi seul donc j'ai préparé un montage photo pour vous tous.

Enjoy my video and I hope you are able to live through the pictures this special event that will forever form part of my story as a figure skater.

Written by Mila Marleau.

Mila skates on our Competitive sessions and competed this year at the Star 7 and Juvenile U12 level.