B-Sharp Skate Sharpening Pick-up on Sunday

B-Sharp Skate Sharpening Pick-up on Sunday

B-Sharp will be doing a skate sharpening pick-up this Sunday, September 29th - skates need to be in the coaches room before 2:30pm on Sunday. Skates will be returned to GSC before the beginning of Monday’s sessions at 1pm. Gone are the days of cash left in skates - please read the instructions below to ensure you have prepaid for your skate sharpening online. Skates that are picked up, but do not have money in the associated account, will not be sharpened.


If your skates already have a SkateSkan sticker:

  • Go to www.skateskan.com and log in - this will tell you how many prepaid sharpenings are left in your account.

  • If you don't have enough money in your account for a pick-up sharpening ($15), go to the appointment site by heading to www.bsharpottawa.com and click "Book Now". Then click "Gift Card" at the top right of the appointment page. Select the Gift Card value of your choice - the card value will be added to your SkateSkan account.

If you DO NOT already have a sticker:

  • Go to www.bsharpottawa.com and click the "Book Now" button. Book an appointment for Monday September 30 (the day the skates will be dropped off to GSC) in order to create an account. If you are unsure of this process, you catch watch a tutorial video on B-Sharp's facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/bsharpottawa/).

  • Be sure to include all requested information including email, phone number (mandatory), and name when creating your SkateSkan account.

  • Then purchase a Gift Card, which will be linked to the account you just created. Gift cards can be found in the appointment site by clicking "Gift Card" on the top right menu. Select the value for the number of sharpenings you wish to pre-pay ($15 / sharpening).

  • Please CLEARLY label your skates (with the name the account was created) when dropping off your skates in the coaches room. After the skates arrive at B-Sharp, a sticker will be put on your skates for future pick-ups.

If you have any questions / issues with the above process, give B-Sharp a call at 613-825-9110.