FlipGive - New Fundraising Initiative with the Gloucester Skating Club

FlipGive - New Fundraising Initiative with the Gloucester Skating Club


GSC is excited to announce a new club fundraising initiative - FlipGive!

FlipGive is an easy and effective way to help fundraise for the Gloucester Skating Club while making purchases you would normally be making anyway! The shopping possibilities are nearly endless with popular brands like Amazon, Under Armour, Staples, Canadian Tire and even Gift Cards including Starbucks, Esso, Cineplex, Hudson’s Bay, American Eagle, and many more. Click here for a list of brands that earn GSC donations with each online purchase through FlipGive.


GSC receives a certain % of each purchase you make - shop online for the things you need and GSC earns money towards our fundraising goal: it's a win-win! Money raised goes to help: keep programming costs down, invest in new equipment, provide development opportunities for our skaters and coaches, and more!

How it Works:

  1. Click the link: https://www.flipgive.com/teams/join

  2. Enter GSC’s team code: Z7PT5X

  3. Create your account.

  4. Start shopping online! When logged in, click the “Store” navigation at the top to view brands, current deals, gift cards, and more shopping options.

  5. Important: Ensure that you have turned off any ad-blocker when you enter the FlipGive store. When you click a link in the FlipGive store to start shopping you may be directed to another webpage (like Amazon.ca, for example). Be sure your ad-blocker is turned off so FlipGive can track your purchase to ensure GSC receives the cash-back donation.

  6. Download the mobile app and make purchases through the app for added convenience! Simply search “FlipGive” in your phone’s app store - it’s free to download!

  7. Share the link and invite teammates to join GSC’s fundraising team.

Best of all: it’s free and easy to use!

If you have questions or issues with your account, the FlipGive support team will be happy to help and are very responsive. Please remember to make sure you have logged into your FlipGive account and access the store before you begin shopping. Or use the FlipGive app on your phone / tablet and shop within the app.

Thank you for supporting GSC’s fundraising initiatives!