The Gloucester Skating Club (GSC) is committed to ensuring a quality experience for all members.

All members of the GSC are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the values of GSC, which include fair play, integrity, open communication and mutual respect.

The following Code of Conduct shall apply to all members of the GSC:

  • Members shall treat all individuals and property with dignity and respect, including but not limited to peers, athletes, coaches, officials, parents, opponents, sponsors, media, and spectators and event organizers.

  • Members shall refrain from any behaviour or comments, which are sexist, racist, abusive, disrespectful or otherwise offensive.

  • Members shall avoid any conduct, which brings the Gloucester Skating Club or the Team, into disrepute, including but not limited to abusive use of alcohol, non-medical use of drugs and use of alcohol by minors and gambling.

  • Members shall at all times adhere to the policies, procedures, rules, standards, and ethics of the Gloucester Skating Club.

Etiquette and Rules

For all skaters participating in GSC Skating Schools both on and off the ice, the following rules are to be observed and obeyed at all time.

  • Do not step on the ice for a session until the Zamboni doors are closed and at least one coach is on the ice.

  • Kicking of the ice, foul language and inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated on the ice or in the dressing rooms. Skaters will be given one warning and then be asked to leave the training session for the remainder of the day.

  • Proper skating attire is required (no jeans); hair should be neatly tied up.

  • No food, drink or gum should be taken on the ice – except water bottles.

  • Skaters are asked to clear the ice promptly at the end of the session. The Zamboni is not permitted to start resurfacing the ice until all skaters are off.

  • Be alert for other skaters at all times. Listen for the announcement of solo music and identify the soloist.

  • If skaters need to speak to their parents in the stands, they need to get off the ice to do so. If a skater is speaking to their parent in the stands they are not focused on the activity on the ice.

  • When your name is called for your music, raise your hand. This helps the music player find you, as well as permitting other skaters to recognize you as the soloist.

  • In the playing of free skating music, priority will be given to lesson requirements.

  • Priority of the right of way will be as follows:

    • a) coaches

    • b) skaters in a lesson with music

    • c) skaters with music

    • d) skaters in a lesson.

  • Group lessons on sessions. The skaters in a group lesson do not have the right away vs. the skater who is in a private lesson.

  • No sitting on the barrier at any time.

  • Solos will be played after the first 5 minutes of free skating.

  • Solo CD must be labeled to show skaters name.

  • The GSC will keep the electronic file/CD if the skater so wishes; however the Club cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage.

  • Free skating will not be allowed during the dance / skating skills sessions.

  • In the playing of dance / skills music, preference will be given to lessons.

  • Do not leave any valuables in the Dressing Rooms

  • Please keep Dressing Rooms clean and tidy.

Your co-operation in observing the above rules will help the school run smoothly and will contribute to the success of all skaters.

Skater Ice Rules

  1. Skate with your eyes up.

  2. Look both ways when leaving the boards.

  3. Learn to maneuver skillfully around other skaters.

  4. Respect the right of way of the skater whose music is playing in a lesson and those in a lesson.

  5. Call out “Excuse me” or “Head’s up” to alert inattentive skaters.

  6. Practice spins in the centre ice area.

  7. Get up promptly after a fall.

  8. Be polite. Foul or abusive language is forbidden.

  9. Control your behaviour on the ice.

  10. Avoid socializing during a session.

  11. You must leave the ice when speaking to anyone in the stands.

  12. Clear the ice promptly at the end of a session.

Gates (doors to ice surface) must be closed while sessions are in progress.

Spectator Etiquette

  • For skater safety, watch from the stands, not by the boards

  • Refrain from talking to skaters on the ice

Gates (doors to ice surface) must be closed while sessions are in progress.

Last updated: September 1, 2019