Competitive Training Ice Policy

2:00 – 4:20pm

Competitive training ice is offered to single skaters, dance teams and pair teams who are training in the Skate Canada competitive stream.  Competitive training ice provides our skaters with an “enhanced training opportunity” in accordance with their competitive training requirements.

Prerequisite for skating on Competitive Training Ice

Skaters must be registered for at least 4 Pre-Comp OR Competitive freeskate sessions at their home club and be competing at the Juvenile level or higher to purchase Training Ice multipasses. Skaters must also plan to register for the GSC Competitive Team and Ontario Sectional Championships.


1) MULTIPASS: Purchase a multipass for 30 x 50 minute sessions, or 30 x 30 minute sessions, then register as a drop-in on training ice using your multipass. Please register on the session where you plan starting your skate. Skaters that register for multipasses are permitted to exchange dates in their registration as long as the exchange is done before the session starts. Multipasses can be used up to June 30, 2019.

2) DROP-IN: Training ice may be open for drop-ins to skaters at other levels, or if a Competitive skater is registered in less than 4 Club Freeskate sessions and if the ice is not being used at full capacity. Contact your Base Coach to see if you qualify.

How to purchase multipasses

For those Pre-Comp and Competitive Skaters who are new to Training Ice, please contact the Club Office to learn how to use the multipass system (email:

Go to the “Buy Multiple Drop-In Passes” tab on the Register Now page. Purchase a competitive training ice 30 minute or 50 minute multipass (minimum package is 30 passes).

Go to the “Register for Sessions and Drop-ins” tab and open the STARSkate / Competitive Skate program. Scroll down to Competitive training ice and click on drop-in for 50 min or 30 min session.  A calendar will open with available drop-ins for that specific session.

Are you not able to arrive at the scheduled start time? Skaters are permitted to arrive late on one session and finish skating on a later session as long as they skate the maximum amount of minutes they are registered for.  In these cases, register on the session you plan to arrive and inform the coach in charge that you will be spanning 2 sessions so that you are not charged a drop-in for the second session.

Click on the + to register. If the session is in grey, it is not open for registration.

If you want to reserve or cancel last minute, you have until the start of the session to do so. The number of multipasses available in your “wallet” will be reduced (or increased) each time you register/unregister.

If you find you have missed the deadline to register or unregister, please contact the office to do this for you.  The office will allow some changes, however if it becomes a common occurrence, the Club Administrator will have the discretion to apply a change fee.


Training Ice multipasses, sessions, and drop-ins are not refundable and must be used by June 30 each year.  Near the end of the season (May or June) you can convert 50 minute multipasses to 30 minute multipasses based on the value you have remaining.  Please send your request to the GSC Bookkeeper.

If you need assistance please contact the Club Office.

After Sectionals, this training ice may be opened up to skaters at other levels if the ice is not being used at full capacity. Contact your Base Coach to see if you qualify.