• All participants must wear running /athletic training shoes for all off-ice classes (with good arch support). It is very important for skaters to have appropriate foot wear during off-ice. Skaters’ feet need to be well supported while they are running and jumping. The one exception is ballet class. For ballet class please come prepared with either ballet shoes/slippers, or socks.

  • Skaters are expected to wear athletic clothing to all off-ice classes (no jeans or casual wear). Some classes may include running outside at the discretion of the off-ice trainer. Please make sure your skater is dressed appropriately for indoor workouts with some extra layers in case we head outside.

  • If your skater has a skipping rope, please remind them to bring their ropes with them to all of their off-ice classes. The club has extra ropes skaters can borrow if they do not own a rope. Skipping ropes are also available for purchase through Gloucester’s online store in Amilia! If you purchase a skipping rope, they can be picked up at the office.

  • Skaters are recommended to bring a water bottle with them to ensure they stay hydrated. Drinking lots of water helps a skater’s body to function at its best by helping muscles work more efficiently and cool down more effectively after hard work-outs.

  • Please note that GSC and the City of Ottawa are not responsible for your valuables. It is recommended that valuables (like phones and wallets) are left in a secure and safe place while skaters attend their off-ice classes.

Please remember that parents and guardians are not permitted in the off-ice training space during GSC off-ice classes. Please promptly drop skaters off at class and then leave the off-ice training space. This includes the crush space – parents are asked to wait at the other end of the space, so skaters have the opportunity to use as much space as needed. A clear, open and quiet training space allows for more productive and effective off-ice training sessions. At the end of class, parents/guardians can return to pick-up skaters. Thank you in advance for your cooperation on this matter.

Attendance and commitment to an off-ice program is a major contributor to accelerated skill development and the overall enhancement of an athlete’s on-ice performance and long-term development.

Thank you for help in preparing skaters for their off-ice training at the Gloucester Skating Club!