Formed in September 2008, Kaleidoscope is the youth synchronized skating team at the Gloucester Skating Club. In 2014, two teams were formed and now compete at the Elementary and Pre-Novice levels. Members of the Kaleidoscope synchronized skating team have the opportunity to practice and improve their skating skills while working together as a team. As a member of a synchronized skating team, you compete with your friends instead of against them.

Team Objectives

  • Learn the basic elements of synchronized skating.
  • Improve individual skating skills.
  • Learn to work as part of a team.

What opportunities does Kaleidoscope provide?

  • It gives skaters the opportunity to improve their skating skills.
  • It helps skaters learn how to skate with other people.
  • It provides opportunities for skaters to perform in front of crowds.
  • It teaches skaters about group goal setting and co-operation.
  • It allows skaters to figure skate AND be part of a team.

Members of Kaleidoscope are expected to:

  • Attend all weekly on-ice and off-ice practices from September through March.
  • Maintain individual skating skills through lessons with a registered Skate Canada coach.
  • Participate in the Synchro Showcase in Ottawa (December).
  • Participate in 1-2 Synchro competitions determined at the start of the season.
  • Participate in other team building events, shows, etc.

For further information, please contact Kaleidoscope’s Team Manager, Wendy Willbond .