Our Values

Excellence, Commitment, Diversity, Community, Passion, Accountability, Fiscal Responsibility.

Our mission

We are committed to personal excellence through skating. We support and strive to embrace the passion for skating in each individual within our community by providing a full range of quality programs, skilled and dedicated coaches, in a safe, fair and motivating environment.


  • National and International Professional Coaching Staff.
  • Private Lessons & Group Lessons.
  • On-Ice Simulations.
  • Athletic Support System.
  • Video Analysis.
  • Jump Harness Training.
  • Performance Coaching.
  • Enrichment Programming for STAR and Competitive Skaters.
  • Off-Ice Conditioning/Personal Fitness Trainers.
  • Weight Room/Cardio Studio.
  • Mental Training Consultant.
  • Nutritional Consultant (upon request).
  • Annual Club Competition.
  • Ice Shows.


The Gloucester Skating Club is located at the Bob MacQuarrie Recreational Complex [formerly Orleans Recreational Complex (ORC)], home to the Elizabeth Manley Rink. The rink offers a mirrored wall, jump harness and heated seating area. Access to off-ice conditioning facilities, skaters and coaches seminars, guest coaches, sport psychologist and personal fitness trainer help to round out the skater’s training program. A year-round competitive daytime training program is available for the competitive, dance teams and pairs skaters.


The Gloucester Skating Club is a not-for-profit organization run by a volunteer Board of Directors, with support from a small number of administrative staff, 15 dedicated professional coaches, and most importantly our MEMBER VOLUNTEERS!

Why Volunteer?

You get to contribute to a great organization committed to ensuring your children have the best skating instruction and development found anywhere.

You get to work with great people who are equally committed to making a difference for each and every skater.

It costs nothing but your time and you contribute to the overall skating experience of your child; knowing that each and every contribution counts and is appreciated.

Skating is an individual sport and the CLUB is the TEAM that supports and connects our members — we need you to help build our team. Whether you’re a first-time skater or an aspiring young athlete who dares to dream, skating is a life-long sport for fun, for competition, for life.

Volunteering gives you an opportunity to share your special talents and abilities with the Club for the benefit of all the skaters.


A team of volunteers governs the Gloucester Skating Club. The Board of Directors is elected by the Club membership at the Annual General Meeting and consists of the immediate Past President, President, Senior Vice-President, 2 Vice-Presidents, Treasurer and a sufficient number of Directors to handle the Club’s programs with a minimum of five but not more than ten members. The responsibilities of the Executive and the Board members, is outlined in the Constitution. The Board of Directors meets monthly where it set the strategic direction and oversees the general operations of the Club.

2017-2018 Members of the Board of Directors

President – Kathleen McGuire
Past President – Rachelle Ferron
Senior Vice-President / Treasurer – Tara McGowan
Vice-President – Shannon Prevost
Director of Communications - Tanis Gilbert
Director of Skating – Darlene Joseph
Director of CanSkate – Sheilagh McCaskill
Coach Representative – Nathalie Roy
Director of Synchro – Katie Williams
Test Chair – Ginette Bailey
Director of Hospitality – Lynne Gosselin Leclerc
Director of Volunteers – Dana Pément
Director at Large – Lisa Elliot
Director at Large – Ginette Bailey

Roles and Responsibilities of the Board and Executive Committee

  • The overall general good management of the club
  • Acts within the meaning of The Ontario Business Act
  • Ensure that the Club acts in a professional and businesslike manner
  • Negotiate ice requirements
  • Review schedules for approval by the Board
  • Set fees for skating schools
  • Liaise with other directors and chairpersons
  • Prepare contracts
  • Review policies and procedures
  • Enforce rules and regulations
  • Deal with bad accounts
  • Prepare recommendations for the Board
  • Sit on various committees
  • Acquisition of equipment
  • Oversee, assist and guide Directors of the Club Treasurer (in addition to the above)
  • Budget development and control
  • Financial reports to be presented to Board of Directors on a monthly basis
  • Authorize expenditures.
  • Assist office administrator with accounting and bookkeeping issues
  • Ensure the books of the club are ready for the annual audit
  • Meet with the auditors at the conclusion of the audit to discuss the report and any concerns
  • Makes recommendations to the Board on the selection of an auditor each year


Although every effort has been made to ensure our information is complete and accurate, we apologize in advance for any errors or omissions.