Gloucester Skating Club will follow the Skate Ontario Concussion Policy.

Skate Ontario Concussion Policy

Skate Ontario has developed a standardized best practice Concussion Policy for the sport of figure skating in Ontario. This policy is not age dependent, all skaters, coaches, officials, and volunteers must be treated in the same manner.

Though concussions are common sport injuries, particularly among children and adolescents, their sometimes subtle symptoms may go unnoticed. Without identification and proper management, a concussion can result in permanent or severe brain damage.

If a concussion is suspected the individual MUST receive medical clearance by a physician or nurse-practitioner, preferably with experience in concussion management, in order to return to skate, train off the ice, or coach. Please note that skaters, coaches, and parents must NOT make the return to skate/train/coach decision on their own, even if the individual's signs and symptoms resolve.

Skate Ontario Concussion Policy

Skate Ontario Concussion Return to Play Form (Appendix A to Concussion Policy)

Skate Ontario Concussion Disclaimer (Appendix B to Concussion Policy)

Skate Canada Concussion - Safe Sport

Rowan’s Law:

The links below provide resources to the current Ontario government concussion resources surrounding Rowan’s Law. On July 1, 2019, new rules came into effect through Rowan’s Law, to improve concussion safety in amateur competitive sport. If you are an athlete under 26 years of age, parent of an athlete under 18, coach, team trainer or official you will need to:

  • review any one of Ontario's official Concussion Awareness Resources before registering or serving with your sport organization (current links provided below); and

  • review your sport organization’s Concussion Code of Conduct; and

  • confirm that you have reviewed both of these resources every year with your sport organization(s). (More information on this to come)

Click the button below to review Skate Ontario’s Concussion Code of Conduct / Rowan’s Law Acknowledgement Form to be signed and returned to the GSC office:

  • EVERY SKATER (OR PARENT) MUST sign the Rowan’s Law Acknowledgement form on the 3rd page and return to the Gloucester Skating Club.

  • By signing the above form you acknowledge that you have reviewed one of the Government of Ontario Concussion Awareness Resources - Rowan’s Law E-Booklets. Please click the links below to be directed to the resource of your choice.

Rowan’s Law

Rowan’s Law: Concussion Awareness Resources (main page)

Government of Ontario Concussion Awareness Resource e-booklet: Ages 10 and Under

Government of Ontario Concussion Awareness Resource e-booklet: Ages 11-14

Government of Ontario Concussion Awareness Resource e-booklet: Ages 15 and up

Updated: Sept. 21, 2019

Additional Resources: