Funding Notice to Parents

At GSC, we are committed to building champions at all levels. We have a practice in place whereby, funds permitting, the Club pays for the travel and hotel accommodations for the primary GSC coach or GSC resource coach traveling to a qualifying competition and/or qualifying seminar with a GSC skater (1 coach per skater/team). The skater must be in good standing with GSC and Skate Canada. This helps to bring down the cost of out of town competitions/seminars for our families. Please refer to the Club’s Funding Policy for details regarding the eligibility criteria for coaches and skaters.

The following qualifying competitions/seminars currently apply:


  • EOS Sectionals
  • Skate Ontario Cup
  • Challenge Event
  • Canadians
  • Ontario Provincial Seminar
  • Special Olympics


  • EOSIC Championships
  • Skate Ontario STARSkate
  • EOS Youth Camp

Reimbursement for Missed Sessions

On January 15, 2009 the Board of Directors approved a motion allowing the Executive to consider written credit requests to reimburse skaters for missed sessions while attending a qualifying event resulting from their placement at EOS Sectionals and EOSIC Championships. These written requests must be submitted to the office within 10 days after the event. Requests will be approved based on the financial position of the Club in any given year and will not automatically be given.

The following qualifying competitions currently apply under this policy:


  • Skate Ontario Cup
  • Ontario Winter Games
  • Eastern Challenge
  • Canadians/Junior Nationals


  • Skate Ontario STARSkate

* Policy applies to the skating year (September 1 to August 31) 

Eligibility for reimbursement or funding will be considered on an annual basis depending upon funds available in each financial year.

For a Gloucester Skating Club (“GSC”) coach to be eligible for reimbursement of expenses incurred attending qualifying competition(s) and or qualifying seminar(s), the following criteria will be considered:

  1. The coach must be using GSC facilities as their primary training venue (i.e. the coach should be actively and physically coaching GSC skaters on a regular basis at GSC).
  2. The coach must be under contract to GSC.
  3. The coach must be the GSC skater’s primary coach or a GSC resource coach.
  4. The coach should participate in all aspects of coaching GSC skaters at a GSC facility.
  5. The coach must be in good standing with GSC and Skate Canada.
  6. Duration of coaching contract with GSC and number of skaters with GSC will also be taken into consideration.

For a GSC Skater to be eligible for funding by GSC, the following criteria will be considered:

  1. The skater must have a GSC coach as his/her primary coach.
  2. The skater must represent GSC at qualifying competition(s).
  3. The skater must train 50% or more at a GSC facility.
  4. The skater must be in good standing with GSC and Skate Canada.
  5. The skater must follow Skate Canada’s Skater’s Code of Conduct.
  6. Length of time as a GSC member will also be taken into consideration.

NOTE: For skaters and coaches in the pairs and dance disciplines, consideration will only be given to coaches under contract with GSC and GSC skaters representing the Gloucester Skating Club at qualifying competitions or qualifying seminars.

If a GSC coach or skater does not meet the above criteria, a written application for funding may be submitted to the GSC Board of Directors for consideration, prior to the qualifying competitions.