The club requires a minimum of 20 hours per family for the skating year September 1 to August 31 for families with skaters registered in the STARSkate / CompSkate program.

It is mandatory to volunteer a portion of your hours at the Elizabeth Manley Winter Classic.

A volunteer fee of $200 ($10 per volunteer hour) is charged at the beginning of the skating year to allow the Club to pay for services if there are not enough volunteers to support our events.

As you complete your hours, please have a Volunteer Coordinator, Committee Head or Board Member sign off your hours. When your hours are completed, please email, fax, or hand-in your signed volunteer form to the Club Office no later than August 16, 2019. The volunteer fee will be applied to any outstanding account balance then credited to your account or refunded to you on request.

Note: If you volunteer 50% or more of the required hours you may request a pro-rated portion of the Volunteer fee less a $25 admin fee.

Note: Members that join the STARSkate/CompSkate program between January 1 – March 15 will be charged a volunteer fee of $100. Members joining after March 15 will not be charged a volunteer fee.