The Gloucester Skating Club’s social media platforms (including, but not limited to: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook) exist to provide an interactive, fun and respectful environment where anyone from across the country, or around the world, can find information about our events, skaters, programs and more. We look to all social media users who follow or interact with our platforms, or run/participate in/are affiliated with our programs or events, to abide by our social media policy as detailed below.

Expectations and Responsibilities:

The Gloucester Skating Club (GSC) expects all of its skaters, parents, coaches and other registrants to act in a manner on social media which abides by the Skate Canada Safe Sport framework and policies, in particular the Membership Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination Policy and the Code of Ethics which apply equally to behaviour on digital platforms, including all social media applications, as they do to interactions in person.

Any registrants, officials, or volunteers experiencing bullying/harassment/discrimination or other unethical treatment via social media are encouraged to contact the GSC and/or Skate Canada to file a complaint and to not engage in any form of retaliation (physical, verbal, emotional, digitally via social media, or other methods).

Additionally, non-registrants are expected to uphold the same Safe Sport values and policies when interacting with the GSC and its followers on social media, in accordance with the Skate Canada Membership Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination Policy and the Code of Ethics.

Failure to abide by these values and policies may result in being permanently blocked from the GSC’s social media platforms, and, in the case of registrants, risks termination of registration.

Content Sharing:

When a user shares content to any GSC social media platform, the user certifies that they are the owner of that content and have permission to post it, and also agrees to give the GSC perpetual and irrevocable rights for use and/or for repurposing of that content, royalty-free and without requirement of notification of use by the GSC to the user.

When a user shares any GSC social media content, the GSC must be credited appropriately.

The GSC logo and wordmark are registered trademarks of the Gloucester Skating Club and cannot be used without the express consent of the Gloucester Skating Club.

Photo Permissions:

The Gloucester Skating Club may record, film, photograph, audiotape or videotape my/my child’s image, work, and performance (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Works”) and to display, publish or distribute these Works for the purpose of publishing or posting on the GSC website, Facebook page, posting on social media sites and/or for broadcasting on television or radio as determined by the GSC.

Each registrant, or their parent/guardian is required to review the GSC media policy and agrees that:

  • I understand I can explicitly withdraw my consent by answering the opt-out option included in my initial registration. I understand that this opt-out must be renewed each Skate Canada Membership year that runs from September 1 - August 31. If I have not supplied the opt-out information, then I AGREE that I/my child waive any right to approve of the use of these Works described above now or in the future, whether the use is known to me or unknown.


Any questions regarding the Gloucester Skating Club’s social media platforms or policies can be directed to