Currency & Pricing

All prices are in Canadian Dollars. The Club takes care to ensure that registration and other fees listed on our website and materials are correct, and we try to keep our prices constant throughout the skating year. We reserve the right to change our prices at any time without further notice. If you have registered for a session that has not started, we will notify you of the price change and allow you the option to accept the change or cancel the affected session without penalty.

Payment Terms

Payment in full on registraton.  Certain programs allow payment plans.  They will be identified with a tag that says “installments”.

We accept on-line payments only:  Visa, MasterCard, On-Line Debit Cards or E-cheques.

Administration & Service fees

All Programs:

Declined Payments: $25 for any declined payment.

Change fee: $15 each occurrence after the first change in each season.

Cancellation fee: $25 each occurrence for approved non-medical refunds

Skater Development Fee: $5 per session for Learn-to-Skate Program, $40 per family for STARSkate and Competitive Skate

STARSkate & Competitive Skate Program:

Late fee:  $20 per season for regular skating sessions and $10 for Club Competition and Seminars is charged for new registrations received after the registration due date.

Each skating year the Club estimates the minimum number of volunteer hours needed from each family to help with skater focused activities, seminars, events and competitions.

A volunteer deposit is taken at the beginning of a skating year. The deposit is refunded as soon as a family completes their hours and submits their form to the GSC office. Forms can be submitted up until the last week of skating in August.

Click to read the full Volunteer Policy.


Skaters must register at the level (Bronze, Silver, Gold/Pre-Comp, Competitive) they are qualified to skate. Our qualifying levels can be found on the GSC Programs & Progressions Chart located on the Resource Portal page of our website.

Registration for each season (Fall/Winter, Spring, and Summer) is due before the deadline date outlined on the top of the season's schedule. After the registration due date, skaters may add sessions at the next lower level if space permits. GSC reserves the right to move skaters between levels depending on skill, date of qualifying tests, and number of skaters registered.

Skaters MUST be registered before stepping on the ice (drop-ins included).

Add a Session

Add a session online at any time.  If the session is still open and has started, the fee will be pro-rated based on the number of classes remaining.

Drop-in Skate

Skaters may “drop-in” skate on specific days if they wish to skate less than a full session or missed the change deadline. During Fall/Winter and Pre-Season, priority is given to Members registering for a full session, therefore, drop-in registration opens up 7-14 days before the scheduled day. During Summer, we recognize many Members need to plan skating around vacation plans.  Therefore Members are permitted to register for drop-in sessions at any time during the summer session.  In our registration system drop-in calendar, a session will change to blue when it is open for registration. A Club Coach may refuse access to a session if it is full. Drop-in Skaters may request music after all registered skaters’ music has been called.

Change a Session

Please email the Club Administrator to request a change from one session to another in the same season (Fall: Sept-Dec, Winter: Jan-April, Spring: May & June, Summer: July & August). For example: change from a Monday to a Thursday session. The skater will now skate on Thursdays until the end of the season.

StarSkate and Competitive Skate Programs: Changes must be requested by end of Thursday for the week starting Saturday morning until Friday the following week. This allows for skater list updates.

Each Member will be granted one free change per skating school / season after which a charge of $15 will be incurred per change. Changes to registrations cannot be made once a skating school is complete. A change from one session to another is a permanent change and is not intended to be temporary.

Example 1: in October, Susan changes from a Monday to a Thursday session. Susan will now skate on Thursdays until the end of April. This change is free - it is her 1 free change in the Fall skating season. Because the fall/winter sessions are the only sessions that span two seasons, in January Susan decides to move her Thursday to the Friday session. This change will also be free - considered as her free Winter season change. In February she decides to move her Tuesday session to Wednesday. She is now over her 1 free change limit within the Winter season, and will be required to pay the $15 change fee.

Example 2: in May, Taylor wants to move his Tuesday session to Thursday. He is allowed to do this at no cost. However, in June his schedule changes again and he wants to move his Thursday session back to Tuesday. Because this is still the spring season, he will have to pay $15 to make the change.


GSC reserves the right to change, and / or cancel sessions depending on registration, and to accommodate special circumstances such as Test Sessions and other emergency situations. A refund will be issued for Club initiated cancellations.

Customers may cancel regular skating sessions up to one week prior to the start of the program (date various depending on season). For competitions or special events, the cancellation policy will be provided in the announcement. A cancellation fee is applied to all non-medical cancellations.

Medical Cancellations

Medical cancellations calculated on a pro-rated basis. Skaters must send a completed injury report to the Club Administrator within 2 weeks of injury and a medical note no later than 1 week after the skating school ends. The medical note should clearly describe any limitations or restrictions to training in order to help the Administrator calculate the credit.


Refunds will be issued for approved cancellations less any fees or outstanding balances on a family account.

There are NO non-medical refunds after the deadline and NO refunds, credits, substitutions or makeups for missed sessions.

Policies last updated: September 1, 2019