At the Gloucester Skating Club, our mission is that our sport reflects honesty, good sportsmanship, courtesy, integrity and respect towards others. Members are encouraged to cooperate together for the betterment of the sport of figure skating. This includes coaches, skaters, officials, board members and parents.

As a skater, you are entitled to:

  • be safe and to feel safe

  • be listened to

  • be treated with dignity, sensitivity, and respect

  • have your voice heard in the sport

  • participate on an equal and non-discriminatory basis

  • privacy and confidentiality



  • Skaters are required to arrive at class promptly. Late arrivals reflect lack of commitment and disrupts productivity and full participation of others.

  • Skaters will practice active-listening skills during class to ensure a safe and productive environment for all.

  • Skaters are required to wear running /athletic training shoes for all off-ice classes, with the exception of ballet class. Participants without appropriate footwear will not be permitted to participate in class exercises.

  • Skaters are expected to wear athletic clothing to off-ice classes (no jeans or casual wear). Some classes may include running outside at the discretion of the off-ice trainer. Please ensure appropriate clothing for weather.

  • Skaters will refrain from wearing jewelry that may cause injury during class. Skaters with long hair will wear it tied back and away from the face.

  • Skaters are expected to bring a skipping rope to every off-ice class. This is an essential off-ice tool that needs to be provided for each skater by the parent. Skipping ropes are also available for purchase through the GSC online store in Amilia. Order pick-up is located at club office.

  • Skaters must always treat off-ice instructors with respect and act fairly and responsibly. Skaters not conducting themselves appropriately may be removed from the off-ice class by the instructor if he/she feels the safety of the group is compromised or if behaviour is counterproductive to the group.

  • Skaters are expected to show respect to all other participants in the program.

  • Off-ice is a key component of skater development. To ensure skater growth and optimize on-ice performance, skaters must commit to and attend all off-ice classes for their specific group. Commitment and attendance benefit long-term athlete development in the sport.

  • The GSC and the City of Ottawa are not responsible for skaters’ valuables and as such, are not liable for any loss or damage that may result during the GSC program. It is recommended that valuables (such as phones and wallets) are left in a secure and safe place while skaters attend their off-ice classes.


  • To ensure a safe and productive training environment, parents and guardians are not permitted in the off-ice training space during GSC off-ice classes. This includes classes being held in the Crush Space. Individuals not complying, will be asked to leave the training zone.

  • Parents or guardians will ensure that skaters are provided adequate nutrition and hydration prior to off-ice classes. Skaters are prohibited from chewing gum or eating food during class unless certain circumstances permit. Staying hydrated is crucial for optimal performance and water bottles are highly recommended.

All GSC members that take part in off-ice classes are expected to sign and return a copy of the Code of Conduct. Click the button for the printable PDF version: